BLOK is the democratization of real estate investment with ultimate objective of making real estate liquid!

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The blockchain
at the service
of real estate

To develop its solution BLOK chose the Elrond Network blockchain for its efficiency and its possibilities of evolution.

Thanks to its traceability, security and speed, the blockchain is the most relevant solution to allow new mechanisms and new automations in real estate processes.

Quick and hassle-free real estate investment

Each property offered on the platform will be divided into several “Blok” of the same value.

A rent will be paid every week according to the amount and therefore the number of Bloks held.

Buying Bloks will be done in less than 10 minutes.

BLOK will take care of :

  • find tenants
  • to provide rental management
  • collect rents
  • the management of the work
  • We will take care of the resale of the goods at term to realize a capital gain.

Making the real estate investment liquid

Investors can choose to collect the rents on their account or reinvest them on an ad hoc or automatic basis in new projects or on the marketplace.

The possibility of making this sector more liquid lies in the possibility for Blok holders to be able to instantly resell their Blok on a secondary market.

Thus, each investor will have the possibility of perceiving the potential capital gain and will be able to transmit his assets on our marketplace

A new

In a second phase, the objective of BLOK is to create a new investment vehicle by offering the possibility to collateralize its Bloks in order to obtain financing via decentralized finance protocols while continuing to receive fractions of the rents.

A crypto-friendly

BLOK wants to let the option of buying Blok in cryptocurrency directly from your wallet. Each investor will have to complete a KYC beforehand.

A playful

BLOK will be available on computer and on mobile. The user experience will be fun, for example, the latter will be able to see a map of France with all of his investments.

100% digital responsive
customer support

A support team will be dedicated to answer the questions and needs of users.

A scalable

Apart from the use of the blockchain, updates and developments will be made by a team of experienced developers.

Ask Me Anything

Discover the presentation of the BLOK Project by Pierre SOULETTE and Pierre MAFFRE who answered questions from MultiversX France