Il n'est pas encore possible d'acheter des $BKT / $BLOK (ni sur le marché secondaire ni sur le site) /// Il n'est pas encore possible de mint un nft (la date sera annoncée prochainement)

It is not yet possible to buy $BKT / $BLOK (neither on the secondary market or on the website) /// It is not possible to mint an nft yet (the date will be announced soon)


investment remains one of the preferred investments of the French. This can be explained by the growing and sustainable increase in property prices over almost the entire country. This makes it a particularly resilient investment in the face of the inflationary problems facing our societies.

The advent of blockchain opens the way to new technological innovations for the sector, facilitating its previously restricted and tedious access for the average person: .

BLOK aims to provide a comprehensive solution to remove barriers to the market by leveraging the Elrond Network blockchain and its ability to execute customised smart contracts.

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What is tokenized real estate?

In general, refers to the inscription of an asset and its rights on a digital token in order to allow its management and exchange in a peer-to-peer manner on a blockchain in an instantaneous and secure manner. In the case of , the act of results in the issuance of a digital copy of a property title, including the rights and obligations attached to it. This digitalized version of the property can then be divided into several .

BLOK, the "game changer" of tokenised real estate

To develop its solution, BLOK chose the Elrond Network blockchain for its efficiency and scalability. In addition to its specific features such as Adaptive State Sharding and its Secure Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, which give it robustness and security, BLOK also chose it for its ability to deploy the blockchain at Internet scale. Its low cost of ownership and speed of operation were also factors in the choice of this blockchain.

BLOK’s main objective is simple: to make liquid! The BLOK platform based on blockchain technology will make liquid by allowing a representing a fraction of a property to be bought and sold instantly on the secondary market.

solves two problems. The first is that an asset that is considered “illiquid” will lose value as the buyer will also experience this resale problem. This is called the “liquidity tax”. The second is that an owner wishing to resell his assets must now wait because of the administrative red tape, the intermediation of the notary, the time it takes to find a buyer, etc. Once again, the BLOK platform and the blockchain make it possible to solve these problems.

Quick and easy property investment

Each property offered on the platform will be into several “$BLOKs” of equal value.

Each week, a rent will be paid. The amount of this rent will depend on the amount and therefore the number of $BLOK held.

Buying $BLOK tokens takes less than 10 minutes.

BLOK will take care of :

  • finding the tenants
  • managing the rental of the property
  • calling the rents
  • take care of the work
  • reselling the property in order to realise a capital gain.

Making real estate investment liquid

Investors will be able to decide whether to collect the rents in their account or to reinvest them in new projects or in the marketplace.

makes the sector more liquid. This is because $BLOK holders will be able to instantly sell their $BLOK on a secondary market.

Thus, each investor will be able to transfer their assets on a marketplace platform set up by the company and receive the potential capital gain.

A New
way to invest

In a second phase, BLOK’s objective is to create a new investment vehicle by offering the possibility of collateralising its $BLOK in order to obtain financing via decentralised finance protocols while continuing to receive fractions of the rent.